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    Model No. SDE00002W0

    Automatic Watch

    The Retrograde inherits the heritage of mechanical watches, while featuring more sophisticated designs and specifications. A new indication for day of the week has been added. The movement of the retrograde mechanism that was developed after a two-year effort offers a unique hand movement function that returns the hand to the Monday position as soon as a week has elapsed. This is a watch fit for diverse life settings, with substantial mechanisms lying behind its subtle, yet sophisticated appearance. Features include: 1. A retrograde mechanism (day of the week hand) The word "retrograde" literally means a return to the starting point. The unique mechanism makes the hand return to the starting point in an instant, from the Sunday to Monday position, when a week has elapsed. 2. Incorporating highly visible hour and minute hands The hour and minute hands have been cut in peak shape and feature different finishes on the two sides : matte and mirror finish. The design further enhances visibility. 3. Modern rotor design A see-through caseback panel that enables the movement to be seen on the rear of the case has been adopted. The rotor is also of elegant and modern design, very representative of ORIENT STAR. 4. Second hand halt mechanism 5. Self-winding & Hand-winding movement
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