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    Model No. SDA02002W0

    Automatic Watch

    The elegant design lends a classy touch to both casual and business attire.The dial features a delicate shine and the mechanism is visible through the skeletal window, combining maturity with just a touch of playfulness. The highly visible face uses flat sapphire crystal. The case has been finished in a simple, clear cut form. Key features: 1. An elegant dial design - The movement mechanism is visible through the semi-skeletal structure at the 9 o'clock position, on a shiny face with a radiant dial design. 2. A metal bracelet with delicate appearance - The delicate lines of the bracelet design create an elegant atmosphere. The solid stainless steel possesses both substantiality and sharpness, fitting naturally on the wrist. 3. Modern rotor design - A see-through caseback panel that enables the movement to be seen on the rear of the case has been adopted. The rotor is also of elegant and modern design, very representative of ORIENT STAR.
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