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  • Symphony Gen. II Collection


    Model No. SER2700FW0

    Automatic Watch

    The Orient Symphony has been a staple within our collection for several years, most notable for acting as a great alternative with our Bambino (flat vs. domed crystal), and as one of our most versatile watches we offer. The second generation Symphony watch has only been slightly modified, but has been improved further in terms of durability. The Symphony is the type of watch that will make people do a double take. There’s something about its effortless style: the way the sunburst dial catches the light, the subtle sheen of polished stainless steel hardware, or the fact that it’s a classic looking watch built in a contemporary size. While all of these factors have played a role in its success over the years, we’re excited to announce that the new second generation Symphony watch will come equipped with a sapphire crystal. What’s the advantage of having a sapphire crystal? For starters, they’re highly scratch resistant, and as a result the watch will continue to look brand new and easy to read.
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